CloudPress Review

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A few of you have been asking about CloudPress, so I went ahead and purchased the AppSumo deal to check it out. Why not, it’s only $50 and for a lifetime access. At first glance, the app looks amazing. It claims you can “Create Unique Responsive WordPress Sites Without Coding.” For those with zero coding skills, this sounds like a dream come true. Essentially, CloudPress allows you to create a WordPress “off-site.” So instead of logging into your WordPress dashboard to edit your site, you would log into the CloudPress Platform. This allows you to create and edit without messing with your live site. Then it’s a matter of syncing it over once you’re all done. Pretty neat.

Their customizer, the CloudPress Designer App, is a drag and drop style builder, allowing you to create a site “live.” This is really helpful to those who love Weebly and are intimidated by WordPress or who dreaded coding. They also have basic layouts to get you started!

It seems like they’ve been around for a while, but only have gained popularity recently (probably thanks to AppSumo). Naturally it’s not a perfect system since there’s no such thing… Here are few things I have noticed (possible cons):

  • You will not avoid WordPress by working with this app. You *still* have a WordPress dashboard and will need to know your way around. If your sole reason to purchasing this platform is to use WordPress by not using WordPress, think again.
  • The customizer seems a bit limiting, I have TONS more options with other themes including X Theme and Divi.
  • I do love how they have a ruler at the top showing you where the mobile and tablet sizes are. This is a great tool when you reduce the size of the screen so you can see what it’ll look like on a phone. You know exactly how much to reduce your screen by!
  • While you have the ability to customize individual elements, it feels a bit “clunky.” The design aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.
  • My resolution has to be 1280px. Which means the entire designer app gets cut off on my laptop. Fixable? Sure. Still annoying.
  • The loading time is way too long. When I’m designing a site, I don’t have the time to sit and wait for super long loading times. Unless you have the patience of a saint, this very well may drive you nuts.


X Theme

Do you use WordPress?



Drag and Drop Builder

User Friendly




Number of Elements and Options




Sync WordPress

Off-site Editing

Includes Extra Plugins




Yes, 6 months


$9.99+ a month

$66 one time

My conclusion:

You’re better off with X Theme. CloudPress starts at 9.99 a month (!!) while X is a one time fee. X Theme’s Cornerstone is the exact same idea as CloudPress in terms of a drag and drop builder, but you get TONS more options and it’s more user friendly. My 2 cents!!! Hope it’s helpful